How often do you intentionally get close to your plants just to look at them? Do you also play with your plants? How often do you hold your little plant to take it with you from your desk to another room, to be next to you? If your answer to any of the above is rarely or never, our question for you is:

What if we experienced plants in new ways?

Nowadays it is very trendy to talk and write about sustainability, urban dwellers, and the problem of lack of connection to nature and greenery. And it is true. Many designer and advocates for greener living attempt to design apparatus for urban dwellers to bring plants and greenery into tiny apartments and urban habitat. Our product, livi, well, was certainly one of such proposals. It started as a pet project to a series of ecological design research projects of vertical living screens.

However, we found that there was something more interesting going on with livi. Livi was born based on a simple idea: connecting to people at a personal level and having an immediate impact on their everyday experience. We set out to design a planter desirable and lively enough that everybody want to experience, and agile and flexible enough for any places, including on the windows!

“It started as a pet project to a series of ecological design research projects of vertical living screens.”

We looked into finding an answer to such questions:

What a planter is vs. what a planter could be?
How can a planter change our behavior towards our plants?
How can a planter make us remember our joyous moments with our plants?
How could a planter turn a plant into something more?

These questions, seemingly mundane and trivial, offered us a real opportunity rethink “plant” and “planter” in the contemporary life. We believe that by a meaningful re-imagination of products, we can improve human experiences, and ultimately impact our well-beings.

Grow with Livi, and take Livi at work
We found that for many, indoor plants are beautiful static home decorations bound to certain locations, and are treated almost as decoration. We also found that most planters lack versatility regarding function and connection to users. Nothing wrong with any of these; though, we aimed to change these two parameters. Our goal was to create an experience that the users could interact with plants more closely. We found that a more versatile planter that begging to be moved here and there, on horizontal or vertical surfaces while having an animated form, turns a planter into a vivid creature that has more presence in everyday experiences.
We found that, especially for indoor plants, the plan and planter cannot be separated. So we aimed for a design that the planter and plants could dance hand in hand and create different personalities. Our reimagined product is livi, which means “the most incredible creature you could imagine.”

“We firmly believe that through meaningful re-designing products, we can improve human experiences, and ultimately impact our well-beings.”

  • Grow with Livi
  • grow with Livi, window to paradise
  • Grow with Livi
  • grow with Livi, love your planter, plant and play
As long as you have fun with it, you participate in it.
At the heart of our design goal, was also to offer users to have fun with the plant and planter. When you have fun with your plants, you are more likely paying more attention to the plant, you can move it around, stick it on the window, to your library, in the kitchen, in office, … you name it how to play– you already are creating a new experience, which is unique to you.

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