Here are some notes and disclaimers we would like to share with you about Livi:

About Livi

Livi sticks to smooth, clean, dry, and flat surfaces. Livi’s palms are made of micro-suction pads work like suction cups but at the microscopic level. Similar to suction cups, Micro-suction cups are not intended to provide a permanent adhesion; therefore, there is a chance that the bond fails from time to time and in extremely cold weather.


How to Use Livi

You can use Livi sitting on your desk (horizontal surfaces) or your window. If you wish to have your Livi on the window, please please carefully pay attention to the followings:

  • Thoroughly clean the surface area where you want to stick Livi with a damp cloth and dry it. The surface should be clean, dry, and free of any residue, oil, or other substances.
  • Carefully remove the transparent protective film from the pads (you can do it carefully by hand or using a transparent tape to remove the protection film).
  • Gently push Livi’s palms against the surface.
  • Use the provided planter pot, and place your plant in Livi.
  • Use Pipette Dropper for watering the plant or removing excess water drained inside.

When removing Livi from the surface, do it with care and gently. A rapid removal may result in tearing and damaging the micro-suction pads (or even breaking the glass)—thus weakening the bonding power of Livi’s pads. From time to time, gently re-push Livi against the surface to make sure that micro-suction tape best adheres to the surface.

If Micro-suction pads get dust,  use a damp cloth to remove the dust and let it completely dry. Once dry, the suction power will be restored. If the micro-suction pads are not well maintained (get dirty, absorb dust particles or tear due to rapid removal from surfaces), they lose their adhesive function and won’t re-adhere to surfaces properly, and there is a chance that Livi will drop from the surface. Also, in extreme weather conditions such as cold, micro-suctions might not function properly.

Do Not:

  • Do not use Livi in humid areas such as bathroom or sauna because microscopic water particles will infiltrate micro-suction pads and results in lowering their absorption force.
  • Do not use Livi outside windows. The Elements will impact its absorption, and it will fall.
  • Do not place Livi above valuable objects.
  • Do not stick Livi on operable windows or doors. Vibration and motions caused by operable windows lower the function of micro-suction tape and will result in falling off from the surface.
  • Do not stick Livi right above the bed or sleeping areas where falling it might cause harm to people.
  • Do not directly put soil/grow medium inside Livi’s cavity, always use the provided planter pot.
  • Do not load Livi with planters or objects heavier than 8 oz.
  • Do not use Livi if there is not enough space between your window and curtain or blinders.
  • When adhering Livi to window glasses or other smooth vertical surfaces, make sure it is out of reach of children.
  • Do not water spray the planter because Livi’s palm absorb the moist and loosen the adherence and there is a highly chance that they drop off.

We do not recommend to adhere Livi to painted surfaces. There is a good chance that the micro-suction will remove some of the paint when trying to remove Livi from the surface.We recommend changing micro-suction pads every few months due to natural wear and tear.

This product is designed and manufactured to perform the promised function. However, due to variable factors such as proper use, quality of maintenance, or natural wear and tear, there is always a chance that the product loses its adherence from surfaces and drop. We do not take responsibility for any possible malfunction, damage to property or potential harm to individuals and that is the responsibility of the user and customer. We don’t guarantee a full function of the micro-suction tape, as our supply of micro-suction pads come with a protection film, and we don’t remove the film to test them individually.