A New Window with Livi

We believe that by reimagining smallest and most ordinary everyday products, we can create treasured experiences and impact our well-being. That is why livi was imagined.
Livi is a versatile planter for both vertical and horizontal surfaces. Livi is a vivid and playful creature that reimagines the way we experience and relate to our plants.
Inspired by nature, livi’s palms are made of innovative nanotechnology material, microsuction pad, and bonds with smooth surfaces again and again, including windows!

A Green Lifestyle

We connect to plants in many ways. How can plants elevate our habits and well-being? Envision plants as an integral part of our everyday experiences. Imagine our live/work/play places enjoying the presence of greenery in personal and engaging ways. With livi, a green lifestyle could be more desirable, joyous, and delightful.

Bringing Outside in

Share your window! Our windows could do more. With limited light in many indoor environments, livi makes it possible to have a wide range of plants and herbs indoors. Plants could happily live on the window and get the right amount of light. Grow your herbs and turn your windows to vertical gardens and bring outside in.

Cool Planting

How could you experience your plants differently? What plants could mean to you? Plants are more than beautiful objects, static in place. Plants are more than decorations just sitting there! Plants could be expressive, invited you to play, and leave impressions. With livi, enjoy the grow and pet your green companions. It’s cool to grow with livi.
  • Grow with Livi
  • grow with Livi, window to paradise
  • Grow with Livi
  • grow with Livi, love your planter, plant and play

It's So Easy

Grow with Livi
Just remove the protective film from the palms (micro-suction) and livi is ready to stick to any flat and smooth surfaces.
Grow with Livi
You can put your plants in livi directly, or simply get your favorite small plant pot from nursery or grocery store and and place it inside livi.
Grow with Livi
Enjoy adorning your window! Your plants get all the light they need and turn your window into a beautiful vertical garden.
  • Grow with Livi, and take Livi at work
  • Livi at work
  • Grow with Livi, and take Livi at work
  • Grow Livi on your window

Who We Are

We are passionate designers. Our goal is to elevate human experiences through beautiful and meaningful design. We aim to reimagine the way the humans interact with the greenery and plants in the built environment and cities. Our work in this includes a broad range of robust design and research on ecological technologies and design, including living screens, eco-curtains, and kinetic living walls. We are super excited about our pet project, livi! livi is the first step, as a commercial product, in our efforts to reimagining presence of plants in everyday life.

We believe that a powerful design, first and foremost, elevates the human experience.

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